Tech framework

FloSuite’s solution configuration framework enables rapid prototyping, deployment and evolution of case, business process management and workflow applications to streamline the way your organisation delivers services.

Key benefits

One solution, multiple work-types

Within one framework and UX, you can deploy multiple solutions configured to different work-types – from task-based workflows, to complex long-lifespan case management solutions.

Rapid, graphical development tools

FloSuite solutions can be rapidly configured and deployed – and pre-built apps delivered on our framework can also be easily extended or altered using graphical tools.

Seamless working environment

Users can operate within one seamless working environment that provides direct access to data, people and systems to complete tasks and workflows – wherever these reside.

Single framework – global visibility

KPIs and performance of processes managed via FloSuite apps can be tracked and monitored on a company-wide basis – using live management dashboards.