Microsoft integrations and apps

FloSuite provides Microsoft® Entra® identity management for seamless and multi-factor authentication options. Also integrates closely with Microsoft 365®, Microsoft Exchange® and via our Microsoft Teams® App for collaboration and teamworking.

legal integrations

Sample integrations

Microsoft Teams

Enables users to receive notifications, search for cases and contacts and complete key tasks within Microsoft Teams®. Our 'Bot' can respond to conversational questions and commands, simplifying user training and enhancing our flexible User Experience (UX) options.

Go mobile

With our Microsoft Teams® mobile-optimised App you can interact with FloSuite® from anywhere, anytime. Users can stay connected and have access to the same tasks and functionality from their mobile and tablet devices.

Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365® and Microsoft Exchange® integrations enable users to receive and action FloSuite® tasks and directly upload emails and attachments from within their core business applications - across Word®, Excel® and Outlook® - increasing efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft Entra

FloSuite® provides Microsoft Entra® ID management for seamless and multi-factor authentication options, ensuring secure and convenient access for your users.