Legal integrations

FloSuite® offers a DCC Wizard, enabling you to rapidly create connections to external databases and Web services, as well as specialist pre-built integrations for legal and Microsoft® applications.

Microsoft integrations

Sample integrations

Practice management and finance

We’ve integrated with leading business management and financial solutions, including Elite®, Aderant Expert® and SAP®.

Document management

Sample document management integrations include iManage® and Microsoft SharePoint®. FloSuite® also offers native document assembly, version control and production capabilities.

Forms integrations

We’ve integrated with multiple forms packages, including Laserforms®, HotDocs® and Microsoft 365®. Dynamic Web forms and questionnaires can also be developed using FloSuite® as part of any solution.

Customer relationship management

FloSuite® has been integrated with LexisNexis InterAction® and other CRM systems – and also offers native CRM capabilities focused on case, campaign and relationship management.

Reporting packages

As well as providing live, actionable KPI dashboards, we have a comprehensive reporting tool that can output data to multiple formats, including html, CSV, .PDF, XML and many others.