Revenue forecasting

Pre-built workflow solution, which integrates with our pro-forma billing management software, to streamline the complex process of forecasting and modeling client revenue in corporate law firms.

Best-practice workflow solution

Transform your revenue forecasting performance and quality – with streamlined team-working and best practice-driven workflow solutions.

Key benefits

Forecast firm-wide cash flow

Monthly partner forecasting data is captured across matters to provide a more accurate indication of firm-wide cash flow status – short and medium-term.

Greater WIP and AR visibility

Live dashboards and reports provide greater visibility of WIP and AR – forecasting when work is due for billing and invoices should be paid.

Increase forecasting efficiency

Improve revenue forecasting and modelling – with automation, in-built rules, escalation management and actionable dashboards. Directly drive pro-forma billing processes from Forecasting.

Technology & support

Revenue forecasting integrations

Integrates with leading PMS, CRM and Document Management solutions – including Elite® and iManage®. Also integrates with FloSuite® Billing, and Microsoft 365® and Exchange®.

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Cloud and SaaS

All FloSuite® solutions can be deployed as fully-managed Microsoft Azure® Cloud services, or traditional on-premise solutions if preferred.

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