Flexible Framework & Solutions

Flexible -solutions

A flexible, agile framework - delivering flexible solutions

FloSuite® enables you to meet requirements for Case Management, Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow and Enterprise Application Integration using one integrated and configurable framework.

You can also deploy, and easily evolve, solutions based on practically any work-type; many of our clients are running with multiple, live FloSuite solutions that support different business functions and processes.

As these solutions are on one platform, managers are able to monitor KPIs across departmental areas or work-types, and therefore improve performance across the business. 

Graphical configuration approach

Our Microsoft® Office® Visio-based configuration environment is the underpinning enabler for the ability to rapidly prototype, create and evolve FloSuite solutions.

Microsoft Visio-based tools

We have taken Visio as the base for our FloDesigner configuration environment, which we have then enhanced to offer an exciting new approach to modelling end-user applications.

With FloSuite, we provide tools to enable business rules, data schema, integrations, Web forms, User Interface, and other solution elements, to be designed whilst taking advantage of drag-and-drop tools and wizards.

Highly-tailored agile solutions, within reduced timeframes

By doing so, FloSuite captures the advantages of bespoke development in terms of close alignment of deployed solutions with business processes, but also enables these applications to be deployed (and evolved) within shorter timeframes.

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