Faster Return on Investment

Faster -roi

Shorter project timeframe - without compromising on tailored processes

FloSuite® enables organisations to deploy tailored Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management Solutions in a shorter timescale than using traditional software development methods.

With FloSuite, project timeframes typically range between weeks and months, rather than the more usual months and years involved in a 'normal' bespoke development project. This shorter FloSuite deployment cycle can therefore deliver faster ROI - but without compromising on focused functionality.

Deploy multipe solutions with one framework

As FloSuite can be used to support process automation needs for virtually any work-type, you can deliver as many solutions as you require using the one framework. This generates a multiplier effect with every solution you deploy, increasing ROI and spreading the operational benefits across the organisation.

This benefit also elevates the FloSuite approach above one focused on buying multiple packaged/departmental solutions from different vendors, which are difficult and costly to alter to meet specific organisational needs or reflect changes in business practice over time.

More reasons to choose FloSuite