What is Case Management?

What -is -cms

Case Management solutions unite information, documents, process, systems and people to provide a user-friendly 360-degree view of case details - often called an electronic 'case file'.

The definition of a 'case' is quite wide-ranging: a case can in theory be focused on many different work-types across a range of industry sectors, though most commonly is terminology used in sectors like government - planning, social services, healthcare etc. - and legal.

In general terms, you can view a case as any project, transaction, service or response that is 'opened' and 'closed' over a period of time to achieve resolution of a problem, claim, request, proposal, development, or other complex activity.

To manage these different types of case in the optimum way, organisations can implement a Case Management Solution (CMS) to govern processes, people, information, systems and any other touch points.

Their CMS will empower them to deploy integrated business rules to ensure best-practice and compliance, promote collaboration between staff/teams, make it easy for case managers and workers to access and work with case details, and gather analytics to enhance strategic decision-making by senior managers.

Typically, Case Management Solutions are designed for one specific work-type - typically they are what we'd term 'packaged' or 'off-the-shelf' applications.

Though they will usually contain lots of good functionality specific to managing a certain type of case, the downsides are: companies end up with multiple 'silo' systems to maintain which cannot integrate with each other or enable an organisation-wide view of workloads and performance; difficulty in extending or adapting solutions in line with changing business needs, as they are 'hard-coded' and inflexible.

However, with newer breeds of CMS (like FloSuite® / FloCase®) there is a capability to deliver multiple solutions using one configurable framework and skill set, reducing cost, maintenance and training overheads, and also allowing senior managers to gain a view of all cases within an organisation, regardless of department/work-type.

Visit the FloSuite website to learn more about FloSuite Case Management