Service Delivery

Service _delivery

FloSuite supports streamlined service delivery

FloSuite supports organisations in delivering legal, regulatory, professional and emergency services in a more efficient and effective way - reducing risk, ensuring compliance, increasing productivity and improving quality.

With FloSuite you can:

  • Deploy quality-assured, process-centric solutions with in-built business rules, escalation procedures, KPI dashboards and reporting
  • Enable improved client interaction and transparency of case progress with secure self-service access and client-facing portals/solutions
  • Support your workforce in and out of the office with seamless online/offline access and synchronisation, task/workflow management, CRM, document assembly and reporting
  • Deliver multiple case management solutions across a range of departmental, inter-departmental and cross-organisation process areas within one easy-to-use interface
  • Use our rapid application configuration framework to deliver tailored solutions for legal, emergency and professional services work-types within a pre-defined, generic case management framework and user interface
  • Benefit from pre-built line-of-business applications and sample solutions designed around industry best-practice processes

Business benefits

Case studies show that clients have achieved up to 50% efficiency gains, reduced risk and improved quality as a result of deploying FloSuite solutions, offering you a clear opportunity to optimise the way your services are delivered to clients.