Integration Features

Integration -features

Integration tools

FloSuiteĀ® offers a DCC (Data Communications Component) Wizard, enabling you to create external data connections to OLEDB, Web services and stored procedures without a requirement for programming.

Sample integrations

As described within the table below, we also offer a range of sample integrations for popular mail, document management, contact management and other systems.

Application TypeProduct Name

Human Resource Management

FireWatch, TeamWatch, SAP


Laserforms, HotDocs, Microsoft Office

Document Management

OpenText Hummingbird DM, Autonomy iManage (Interwoven), Worksite, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Messaging & Diary

Microsoft Exchange, SMPT email, Microsoft Outlook


LexisNexis InterAction, Microsoft Outlook


Active Reports, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, CSV files, .PDF files, XML

Generic Data Integrations

Microsoft Access, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle, Web Services, Sybase

Investment Management


Finance and Payroll