Framework Functions

Flosuite -framework

The FloSuite® framework enables you to prototype, deploy and evolve Case Management and BPM applications that help streamline and improve the way your organisation operates and delivers services to clients.


It has a comprehensive, user-friendly toolset which is built using Microsoft® and industry-standard tools, such as C#, Microsoft Office® Visio® and Microsoft SQL Server®.

FloSuite's self-documenting application development module (FloDesigner®) utilises Visio as an integrated configuration environment, enabling you to fast-track the processes of developing sophisticated business applications.

Further generic framework functions are explained by the table below:

FunctionWhat can you do?

Data Modelling

Describe people, processes, business objects (requisitions, invoices, applications); Wizard-based data modelling, and ability to point to existing data structures

Data Repositories

Use data repositories effectively to provide global data dictionary and entity standardisation capabilities

Business Rules Management

Drive best practice and reduce manual procedures through business rules management

Composite Applications

Encompass multiple application data within a seamless working environment to deliver enterprise wide processes that can integrate your legacy systems

Process Automation

Graphical business process/workflow design, automate data retrieval, monitor data value, manage risk assessments, decisions and task allocation, and generate reports

Data/Process Access Security

Restrict user access/abilities to view data or participate in process execution dependent on user profile

Business Activity Monitoring/Reporting

KPI/reporting on internal & external data; record process data and actions for report generation and audit purposes

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Use Wizards and other methods to create Web service, database and legacy systems integrations

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design

Design flexible UI options with graphical tools e.g. create Web forms using our FormsDesigner tool, and customise the ‘look and feel’ of UI screens to reflect corporate branding

Re-usable Processes

Ability to re-use FloSuite developed processes in multiple places

Flexible End User Environment

Provide access to FloSuite solution elements from Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel or a Web browser