FloSuite Architecture

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Service Oriented Architecture and Microsoft technologies

FloSuite® uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), integral to which is the product's modular architecture - separating the design, workflow engine and client tiers - and its use of Web Service technology.

It is also a Microsoft®.NET application, which has been officially accredited by Microsoft as '.NET Connected', and leverages .NET, SOAP, XML and other emerging standards to provide a powerful, agile and extensible framework.

FloSuite has also been independently accredited by Microsoft as being certified for: Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 and Windows 10.

In addition, Infographics has as a company been accredited by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Application Development and Application Lifecycle Management.

FloSuite core modules

As shown in the diagram above, the FloSuite framework is comprised of the following core modules:


FloDesigner® is FloSuite's application modelling environment, encapsulated within Microsoft Office Visio, where users can graphically define organisation, process and data structures (which automatically produces XML-based process definition files).


FloServer® is FloSuite's separate workflow/run-time engine, controlling execution of processes and retrieval of data.

FloManagement Studio

FloManagement Studio manages system configuration, management of access rights and application publishing.


FloClient® manages security and user access to application functionality via a Web interface.


FloOffice® is a sub module of FloClient and provides a Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office user interface.


FloCase® is our pre-built Case Management solution and configuration framework, which can be used to accelerate deployment of solutions for any case-based work-type. Organised within a configurable, tabbed user interface, FloCase includes a pre-built structure for management of tasks, key dates, contacts, documents, CRM, reports, questionnaire & audit functionality, and other aspects of a case/project.

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Used in conjunction with FloMobile, it also supports mobile/field workers with online/offline job management and synchronisation.


FloMobile enables our case, customer relationship, workflow and task management platform (FloCase) to be taken ‘offline’ in situations where access to an Internet connection cannot be guaranteed, or is not secure. Work can then be synchronised when staff can reconnect.

This helps mobile case working teams operate more effectively and efficiently, and eliminates duplication of effort when they return to the office.

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