Empowering mobile case workers in professional & emergency services

FloMobile enables our case, customer relationship, workflow and task management platform to be taken ‘offline’ in situations where access to an Internet connection cannot be guaranteed, or is not secure.

This helps mobile case working teams operate more effectively and efficiently, and eliminates duplication of effort when they return to the office.

Work more effectively in the office and whilst on site visits, with:

  • Automated workflow
  • Document assembly, management and version control
  • In-built audit and questionnaire-based data collection
  • Contact and relationship data - with additional security protection for sensitive information
  • Work synchronisation on return to the office/once reconnected
  • Campaign planning and management to enable targeting and performance analysis

By deploying FloMobile to support mobile case working teams, managers can assist staff in following best-practice, gain valuable performance and risk data to inform decision-making and allocation of resources, and ensure delivery of targets.


FloMobile _Diagram



In summary:

  • Using FloMobile, the functionality of FloCase can be provided to field workers in environments where an internet connection is not available, or not secure
  • Read full details of FloCase functions

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