FloSuite Framework

For rapid configuration of flexible case and process-centric solutions

FloSuite® is a solution configuration framework which enables you to prototype, deploy and evolve Case Management and BPM applications to streamline and improve the way your organisation delivers services.

It enables users to operate within one seamless working environment that provides direct access to the information, people and systems they need to complete tasks and workflows - wherever these reside.

FloSuite does so by 'joining-up' within a single process-centric solution the relevant content, data, departments, organisations, people/contacts and IT systems, and providing access through a modern user interface.


Flosuite -overview



Microsoft Visio-based configuration

Solutions can be configured, utilising Microsoft® Office Visio® graphical tools, to manage practically any work-type - offering a more agile and rapid approach to the development of business solutions.

This revolutionary approach not only eliminates the need for multiple disparate departmental solutions, but reduces the skill-set required to operate and maintain solutions, and enables tighter integration between systems/teams.

Business Analysts and technical staff (who are not necessarily fully-qualified C# developers) are able to work with FloSuite to configure tailored business solutions using our toolsets.

Key FloSuite business and IT advantages:

  • Increased operating efficiency of up to 50%, plus reduced risk, cost and training overheads
  • End-user solutions that help manage and improve the way you operate, and provide support for implementation of new business delivery models
  • Closer co-operation between business and IT teams, enabling you to reduce the gap between commercial and technology strategy
  • Increased collaboration between operational staff, back-office teams, departments and partners via 'joined-up' processes and solutions
  • Tools and real-time, accurate management information for process visibility and control
  • Directly-actionable KPIs to support compliance and manage regulatory requirements
  • Best practice-driven processes that can deliver an improved ratio of skilled-to-junior staff, reduce data entry errors and eliminate duplicated effort across multiple systems
  • Ability to launch and change new IT solutions in less time than associated with other development methods, increasing competitiveness and reducing IT cost
  • With less reliance on 'traditional' software development skills and methods, you gain greater ease-of-use and flexibility of deployed solutions

Implementation Options:

FloSuite Framework, FloCase, FloMobile, sample solutions & pre-built applications

  • FloSuite can be delivered as a framework within which business analysts can use our rapid, graphical development tools to configure solutions for virtually any process, across multiple work-types. Read more
  • FloCase can be implemented to provide a pre-built case management console, with pre-designed interface/tabs and electronic case file structure, enabling faster configuration to suit a range of work-types. Read more
  • We also offer FloMobile, our online/offline synchronisation module for mobile workers. This allows staff to take FloCase 'offline', enabling them to collect data and work packets, and complete tasks out of the office. Read more
  • In addition, we can provide sample solutions, or pre-configured line-of-business applications, which have been built on the FloSuite framework to meet the requirements of specific processes. Read more

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