Back _office

FloSuite can support and streamline your back-office operations

FloSuite can be used to automate and manage a wide range of time-consuming and repetitive back-office administrative processes, helping you focus resources on the delivery of high-quality, client-facing services.

Manage a range of work-types with one framework

Solutions can be configured to manage practically any work-type and delivered within one consistent user environment, with management reporting across all areas able to provide individual or composite/enterprise views of process/case status and SLAs.

Deploy a 'Web front-end' for legacy solutions

Where there is a requirement to retain existing applications, but to incorporate streamlined processes and a modern Web interface, FloSuite solutions can be deployed to 'Web front-end' legacy HR, finance and administrative systems.

They can also be used to automate manual processes, eliminating duplicate data entry and errors, and efficiently managing escalation procedures and approval cycles.

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