Legal & Professional Services

Solution -types

Working with global law firms and other legal service providers 

FloSuite supports law firms and other legal and professional services providers to manage and streamline processes, increasing efficiency and improving services.

Our agile case and process management software is used by corporate lawyers in the UK legal top 200 - including Dentons, the world's largest law firm.

It is also used by regulators working within legal, emergency and financial service sectors to manage legal/compliance processes, such as complaints, investigations, inspections and enforcements.

Some sample solutions and deployment areas are described below:

  • Legal Case Management Solutions - probate/executry, insurance claims handling/processing, complaints/investigations¬†
  • Mobile Case Working - supports mobile teams and site audits, including questionnaires/assessments - with offline case and contact management capabilities
  • Workflow/Process Automation - billing automation, new client/matter intake, HR processing (holidays, leaver/joiner/change of role, payroll workflows), IT helpdesk
  • Enterprise Application Integration - integration with multiple third-party systems for finance, practice management, CRM, knowledge and document management