Infographics achieves Microsoft Windows and SQL Server 2012 certification

INFOGRAPHICS UK LTD. today announced that its BPM and Case Management Solution (FloSuite®) and Enterprise Resource Management Solution (FireWatch®) have successfully passed Microsoft Windows and SQL Server 2012 certification tests. Official client support for the platforms will now be introduced after further in-house testing and upcoming version releases.

Infographics is a successful specialist software developer and Microsoft® Gold Partner focused on markets where organisations typically operate within high-risk/high-skill process-centric environments.

The company develops software solutions that are able to meet a number of strategic IT/business requirements, including: Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Business Process Management (BPM), Case Management, Workflow or Process/Task Automation, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). The two core branded product suites used to fulfil these requirements are FireWatch and FloSuite.

"Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we're committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences," said Ross Brown, Vice President of ISV and Solutions Partners for the Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft. "Adding compatibility for the latest Microsoft technologies helps ISVs to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers access to cutting-edge technologies."

"Infographics is always striving to be at the forefront of Microsoft technology and maintaining certification with the latest platforms is a key part of this," said Russell Wood, Director of Sales at Infographics.  "Our clients need to be able to take advantage of platform improvements provided by Microsoft when they are ready to do so, and our continual investment in our products enables this to happen."

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