FloSuite Testimonials

Blackadders LLP

Partner and Head of Private Client, Donald Gordon

“In association with FloSuite, the Private Client partners, Director of Executry Services, our Executry specialists and our IT team, we have recently developed a complete and flexible case management system for Executry administration. This system has already proved its worth in the efficient running of individual cases, and the management of the Executry section as a whole – and this is in addition to a quicker throughput of fees for the work that we do.” Read more

Thorntons Law LLP

Sarah Blair, IT Director

“We selected FloSuite following an in-depth review of FloSuite and the other main competing BPM solution. This included a detailed evaluation of both products’ technical capabilities and reference sites. We were impressed by the number and sophistication of successful file opening and other BPM solutions that had been deployed using FloSuite, by the product’s technical capabilities and the overall professionalism of the company.”

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue

John Hewitt, Deputy Chief Executive

“The Service was most impressed by the sector specific development and substantial integration that Infographics have achieved. All organisations are striving for greater value for money from their investments and we are convinced that by working in partnership with Infographics we will achieve greater process and efficiency improvements.”

Avon Fire and Rescue

IT Manager, Stephen Rhodes

"We see FloSuite as a solution to the major challenge of exchanging data with external third party systems and Web Services. Whilst there are competitor products available, the additional attraction of FloSuite was that it is a companion product from the same software stable as FireWatch, giving us additional peace of mind that the two would integrate smoothly."

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