FloSuite Projects

Financial Services Provider

Workflow/Financial Process Automation

Global financial services provider deployed FloSuite to provide a personal investment portfolio builder and profiling tool for its network of intermediaries (client confidentiality was requested).

Online Gaming Provider

Business Process Automation & Systems Integration

Online gaming company automated complex odds management procedures, and other back-office processes, using FloSuite BPM solution – helping to eliminate ‘silo’ spread sheets and paper-based processes, and reduce operational risk. (Client confidentiality was requested).

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue

Business Process Management - employee self-service

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue selected FloSuite to manage self-service processes, which also integrate with the FireWatch Enterprise Resource Planning & Management solution.

Property Management

Property Case Management & Workflow

A major High Street retailer automated core retail site and property acquisition/management processes using FloSuite. (Client confidentiality was requested).

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